Saddleworth Rushcart

The 2016 Rushcart will be held over the weekend of 20th & 21st August. This will be the 42nd Saddleworth Rushcart. This is NOT the Bank Holiday weekend as in previous years.


Rushcart 2015

Route and Times… (please note, times are approximate)


From 9:30am, Uppermill Square; unveiling of the banner, team photograph and introducing the ‘Cart to the public, before Saddleworth Morris Men perform the Rushcart Dance.                     

10:15am, dep Uppermill Square to arr Greenfield (opposite King Bill IV) 10:45am; High Street > Chapel Lane > Chew Valley Road.                                                                           

11:30am, dep Greenfield to arr Uppermill Square 12 noon; Chew Valley Road > Wellington Road > Queensway > Carr Lane > High Street.                                                                          

1:30pm, dep Uppermill Square to arr Gartside St. Delph 2:15pm; High Street > Dobcross New Road > Delph New Road > The Sound > Millgate.                                                                    

3:45pm, dep Delph to arr Dobcross Square 4:15pm; Millgate > The Sound > Huddersfield Road > Gatehead Road > Platt Lane.                                                                                                           

5:15pm, dep Dobcross Square to arr Navigation Inn 5:30pm; Sugar Lane > Wool Road.

6:00pm, dep Navigation Inn to finish Uppermill Square.


10:00am, dep Uppermill Square to arr St. Chad’s Church, Uppermill 11:00.          

11:00am, service in the church.                                                                                                              

12 noon, dancing outside Church Inn and Cross Keys Inn.

Follow this link to a map that indicates each important spot for the Rushcart weekend…

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    • Sorry for not replying sooner. Rush art is 26 & 27 August; the Bank holiday weekend

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