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Tour Dates 2018

The Saddleworth Morris Men have the greatest pleasure in presenting to you their 2019 World Tour of Dance, or to be more precise, Carry on Merrie England:


  • 2nd: Fundraising Comedy Night, Royal George, Greenfield - Hosted by the insanely brilliant Off The Rails Comedy Club. Featuring: Bobby Mair, John Maloney,
    Davey Ash with MC Rob Riley Tickets £12 available from:


  • 30th: Joint Morris Organisations National Day of Dance, hosted by Medlock Rapper various locations around Manchester city centre - click on their link for more details


  • 18th: First Dance out (new members dance for Waistcoat) approx 7pm,
    King William IV, Greenfield
  • 19th: Good Friday, Tour of Saddleworth
  • 27th: Five Rivers Morris, Sheffield


  • 11th: Holmfirth Folk Festival, Holmfirth
  • 25-27th: Goathland Dance on the Moor, Goathland, N.Yorks
  • 31st: Ossett Beer Cart, Ossett, W Yorks


  • 22nd: Diggle Fete, Saddleworth


  • 7th: Nutters, Bacup, Lancs


  • 24-26th: Saddleworth Rushcart, Saddleworth


  • 7th: York Festival of Dance, York
  • 13-15th: Monkseaton, N Tyneside

Whilst every effort goes into organising tours, they might be subject to change - i.e. cancellations/additions, please check site regularly, or with host team before travel

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