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Tour Dates 2018
Cross Keys 2019

The Saddleworth Morris Men (as seen on BBC 4's 'For Folk's Sake', no less) have the greatest pleasure in presenting to you their 2019 World Tour of Dance, or to be more precise, Carry on Merrie England. Remaining dates for the year are:


  • 11th: Holmfirth Folk Festival, Holmfirth
  • 31st: Ossett Beer Cart, Ossett, W Yorks


  • 22nd: Diggle Fete, Diggle, Saddleworth
  • 23rd: The Great Get Together, The White Hart, Lydgate


  • 6th: St Mary's, Greenfield


  • 23-25th: Saddleworth Rushcart, Saddleworth


  • 7th: York Festival of Dance, York
  • 13-15th: Monkseaton, N. Tyneside

Whilst every effort goes into organising tours, they might be subject to change - i.e. cancellations/additions, please check site regularly, or with host team before travel

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