Saddleworth Morris Men
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Lorsdmere Longsword

Well it's that time of year when the Chosen Men of the Saddleworth Morris perform their legendary Lordsmere Longsword dance at selected venues within the shire. So what better way to brighten that dreary hiatus between Christmas and New Year than to witness the spectacle that is...Lordsmere Longsword.

This year's itinerary for Saturday 30th December is as follows:

  • 1pm: The Wellington Inn, Chew Valley Road, Greenfield
  • 2pm: The Railway, Shaw Hall Bank Road, Greenfield
  • 3pm: The Swan, The Square, Dobcross
  • 4pm: The Diggle Hotel, Station Houses, Diggle
  • 5pm: The Commercial, High Street, Uppermill
  • 7pm: The Cross Keys Inn, Running Hill Gate, Uppermill
  • 8pm: The Church Inn, Running Hill Gate, Uppermill
Lordsmere Longsword 2016

Every effort will be made by this year's nominated 'Captain of the Swords' to get the team to each venue with perfect punctiliousness and in a state of decorum, but can't be held responsible for the effects of ale making the trail a snail...geddit? A pun on 'Ale Trail' Oh why do I bother!...


Tour Dates 2018

Like a Great Masterpiece, our 2018 Tour is a work in progress, so be patient. Here's a list of confirmed dates so far:

Saddleworth Big Bass Drum


  • 30th: Good Friday Tour of Saddleworth, times and venues to follow


  • 21st: Horwich Prize Medal, St George's Day event


  • 5th: Long Itchington Beer Festival
  • 12th: Holmfirth Folk Festival


  • 2nd: Ossett Beer Cart
  • 22nd-24th: Helmond Ring Meeting


  • 24th-26th: Saddleworth Rushcart