An August Bank Holiday Lark

Back in 2012 we received a request from someone writing a new play commemorating the start of the First World War asking if we would mind them coming along to our practises and Rushcart to watch us and study our dances. We agreed, that person was Debbie McAndrew, and the rest is history.

August Bank Holiday Lark

An August Bank Holiday Lark studies the impact the Great War had on people and communities, and their traditions; in this case in rural Lancashire. The Northern Broadsides and New Vic Theatre co-production toured in 2014 and has been very well received by theatre goers and critics.

The production and Saddleworth Morris Men have both benefitted from each other. The dance used in the performance is very closely based on our own Denshaw dance, and you can definitely see one or two characters from the side portrayed on stage at times! Our help with the dance and music has given us a new member, Conrad Nelson, who came along to practises to record us, and then danced for his waistcoat during our Easter tour of 2014!


AN AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY LARK IS AWARD WINNING! The 2014 UK Theatre Awards have voted An August Bank Holiday Lark as Best New Play at London’s Guildhall in October. Massive congratulations to Debbie and everyone involved with the production from all of Saddleworth Morris Men.

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