Saddleworth Morris Men
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Cancellation of Rushcart 2020

In light of the continued presence of Covid-19 it has been decided, albeit reluctantly, to cancel this year's event scheduled for 21st-23rd August.

Taking everything into consideration, we have an overriding responsibility and commitment to ensure the health and wellbeing of all teams and the public, which is paramamount.

Despite Rushcart not going ahead we can assure you in the hearts and minds of each member of the Saddleworth Morris team it will still be celebrated and very much sadly missed on this occasion.

We know this will be a great disappointment to the many who look forward to our event, but fear ye not good folk...we will be back in 2021 with a bigger and brighter Rushcart.

See you then...

The Rushcart Lads!

Will Kemp